Factory of the Future – Episode 3

Discover the Manufacturing Engineering Domain

Manufacturers worldwide are moving into a digitalized environment. However, the use of legacy CAD systems makes it difficult for many enterprises to integrate their design efforts with the rest of their manufacturing processes to achieve the full benefits of the digital revolution. Collaboration on the shop floor becomes a challenge when there are multiple work instructions in silos.

In this third episode of the eight-part series, see the unveiling the Manufacturing Engineering domain of the Factory of the Future, which will focus specifically on:

  • Define the Manufacturing bill of Material
  • Define the Routing and Sequence of Assembly
  • Create Digital Work Instruction
  • Perform Virtual Build Simulation

In DELMIA Quintiq Supply Chain Planning & Optimization concept, there are different planning horizon i.e.

Strategic = Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) – what is the resources required to fulfill demand, resources refers to warehouse, supplier, factory/production line

Tactical = Master Production Scheduling (MPS) – what is the production order is allocated to a factory and production line

Operational = Advanced Planning Scheduling (APS) – how fast to produce 1 item  with minimal setup time

In this webinar, Strategic Supply Chain Planning will be discussed.