Certification Program

We offer Dassault Systèmes’ certification program that provides a standard measure of PLM products knowledge and enables participants to assess their skills against market norms.

The certification program also offers valuable feedback on training programs by providing a quantitative before-and-after measurement of trainees’ acquired skills.

Why Skill Gap Test?

Skill Gap Test provides a complete set of questions to measure your skill and knowledge in various CATIA modules. Test your skill proficiency within CATIA modules now.

Benchmarking Against Industry Standard

Understand where you stand against industry expert is essential. This not only helps you to identify areas of improvement, but understanding how much more you can accomplish simply. Evaluate on potential improvements and synergies among staff by leveraging on individual expertise.

Level Up Your Skills

After learning how you fare against the experts, you will also understand how to be more skillful and competent within CATIA environment. Explore on possible ways to improve your skills – faster & better. Understanding training sources and reference to be much more proficient.

Recognized Expert Within The Industry

With proper training and certification, you will become a recognized expert with proficient skills. Gain new career opportunities with certification required by hiring managers and project consultants worldwide.