GEOVIA Surpac™ is the world’s most popular geology and mine planning software, supporting open pit and underground operations and exploration projects in more than 120 countries. The software delivers efficiency and accuracy through ease-of-use, powerful 3D graphics and workflow automation that can be aligned to company-specific processes and data flows.

Surpac addresses all the requirements of geologists, surveyors, and mining engineers in the resource sector and is flexible enough to be suitable for every commodity, orebody and mining method. Its multilingual capabilities allow global companies to support a common solution across their operations.


  • Comprehensive tools include: drillhole data management, geological modeling, block modeling, geostatistics, mine design, mine planning, resource estimation, and more.
  • Modular and easily customized to adapt to changing needs.
  • Expanded sharing of data, skills and project knowledge across teams and departments.
  • Increased time savings with compliance to company-specific processes.
  • Consistency of execution using task automation.
  • Reduced data duplication with file format support of popular GIS and CAD systems.
  • Integrated production scheduling with GEOVIA MineSched™.
  • Multilingual support: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French.

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Surpac Modules Overview

Surpac System Requirements

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Discover Surpac 2019


GEOVIA Surpac 2019 introduces Stope Optimization, a new family of capabilities that allow the automatic generation of stope designs under a variety of underground mining methods for superior strategic planning. This new release also provides an enhanced user experience through improved collaboration, data management, and user interface, along with over 30 customer-requested enhancements and improvements.

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Discover the world’s most comprehensive geology and mine planning role-based portfolio for surface and underground mining.

Analyze the spatial variability of earth characteristics and create volumetric models.

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Design and plan drill and blast patterns for surface and underground mining.

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Collaborate, inspect, report and plot mine plans and geological models.

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Create mine designs for surface and underground mining.

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Visualize and interpret geoscience data and generate geological models.

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Visualize and analyze any oriented structural geology data.

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Capture and process daily survey data for use in mining processes.

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Create optimal stope shapes for underground mining.

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This is the power
of Surpac as a communication tool. We can visualize an interpretation, lock it in 3-dimensions and then we can bring in all the drilling, all the infrastructure,
the development, the headings and know instantly whether we are on track…
Surpac allows us also to link the departments together. So the surveyors, engineers and geologists all use the same data sets, use the same string files—they are using a living data set so that we are all talking from the same page.

Mark Muller
Chief Geologist


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