Factory of the Future – Episode 5

Advance Planning & Scheduling @ Factory Floor

Planning systems for manufacturers have been around for half a century, and have evolved and grown with advancements in technology. Companies and plants across the globe use a wide variety of manufacturing planning systems to plan production and purchasing, minimize inventory, maximize availability for customer service, make the most effective use of available resources, and control costs.

The real value of planning systems for manufacturers is that they serve as a communication and coordination vehicle for breaking down inter-departmental barriers (often called information silos). The plans and activities relate directly back to demand, the satisfaction of which is the mission of customer service. This centralized, coordinated plan, therefore, keeps everyone across the organization on track, working toward the same goal.

In this fifth episode of the eight-part “Factory of the Future” series, you are exclusively invited to join us in understanding the Value Network domain, specifically on Advanced Planning and Scheduling @ Factory Level. Key topics include:

  • Simulate “What-If” scenarios to curb production constraints proactively
  • Automatically optimize manufacturing process and improve agility
  • Enhance collaboration and information sharing

Hear from our expert on how a virtual experience platform like the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform fosters collaboration across your entire organization, and runs effective simulations utilizing real-time production data to determine the best available outcome.