The Webinar Sessions

Enabling Digitalisation


Join Mawea engineers and industry specialists in these series of webinars as they share their knowledge and experience in all-inclusive industry technologies and applications towards digitalisation and sustainability.

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The world is facing an unprecedented challenge that affects all aspects of our lives. People’s health is at the heart of this challenge. Ensuring our customers can continue to function and innovate with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a top priority. We are putting in place flexible, online collaboration conditions for existing clients to work remotely and new online offering.

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Webinar 1 : Introduction to Factory of the Future

  • How the Virtual World Extends and Improves the Real World of Manufacturing
  • Enhancing the Virtual World with Real Operational Experiences
  • Global Operations Optimization and Value Network Orchestration
  • Empowering Collaboration and Decision Support

Webinar 2 : Process Engineering

  • Defining Plant Layout
  • Simulating & Programming Machines
  • Running Ergonomics Analysis
  • Simulating Factory Flow

Webinar 3 : Manufacturing Engineering

  • Define the Manufacturing bill of Material
  • Define the Routing and Sequence of Assembly
  • Create Digital Work Instruction
  • Perform Virtual Build Simulation

Webinar 4 : Value Network Engineering

  • Plan Sales & Operations
  • Optimize Logistics

Webinar 5 : Operations Management Part I

  • Simulate “What-If” scenarios to curb production constraints proactively
  • Automatically optimize manufacturing process and improve agility
  • Enhance collaboration and information sharing

Webinar 6 : Operations Management Part II

  • Business Process Management (BPM) architecture that easily supports frequent changes to business processes.
  • Walkthrough example that supports an entire workflow
  • How to port and scale operations to different sites

Webinar 7 : 3D Lean

  • Develop Collaboration between Team Members
  • Animate Team Meetings and Ease Communication

Webinar 8 : A Day in a Workshop

See how all the different domains come together.

  • Collaboration: Sharing common understanding of management processes
  • Engineering: Eliminating time and waste
  • Operation: Synchronization and efficiency
  • Optimization: Dynamic scheduling & predictive analytics
  • All in real-time with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform