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Synchronizing IC Design for Fast Closure

Realizing the full benefits of semiconductor collaboration depends on skillful synchronization of complex data and concurrent processes.

The right information systems foundation can enable this synchronization. Such a foundation includes centralized, automated design data management as well as real-time project and design analytics. This enables timely identification of potential design flaws and deviations from planned milestones.

17 of the top 20 global semiconductor companies are using Dassault Systèmes Collaborative Design solutions to boost productivity

Gain Agility with “Invisible Governance” for Project Management

To prevent inefficiencies and delays, leading innovators connect business and engineering teams in a global architecture that includes project schedules, milestones, resources, costs and benefits.

A unified architecture also supports dynamic, global project dashboarding, delivering the agility semiconductor companies need to dynamically assign critical resources for maximum performance and profitability.

“We found in our research that only about half of an engineer’s time is being spent on value-added activities, on really focusing on, for example, innovation, engineering design.”

Jim Brown

Keep hearing the “Voice of the Customer” during development

One of the keys to competing successfully in the semiconductor industry is consistently capturing – and enforcing – customer and regulatory standards and requirements.

This can be achieved with a shared environment that makes it possible to define, decompose and reuse requirements across all business and production units – within the enterprise and across partner ecosystems.

Leverage Enterprise-Level IP reuse & management

Semiconductor innovators who successfully manage their IP across below- and above-the-line product workflows can gain a competitive edge by:

  • Reducing time to market delivering new applications and supporting compelling end user experiences
  • Reducing design and verification costs and better maintaining price competitiveness
  • Deriving greater, timelier value from partnerships, mergers and acquisitions
  • Avoiding IP-related litigation risks while increasing revenue from their own IP

“We’re living in a world where sensors will be everywhere and the sensors themselves have intelligence.”

John Blyler
High-Tech Editor & Educator

Lower the risk of innovation with unified Issue & Defect Management

Global development and complex products make effective issues and defects management more challenging than ever. At the same time competitive markets and high customer expectations leave little room for inefficiencies.

This is where a unified approach and advanced analytics can help. It is a strategy that can help you detect issues and defects early, and provide the real-time insights and traceability needed to take optimal corrective actions.

Leveraging PLM Analytics to Drive Performance

Making smarter decisions faster is critical to achieve the first-mover advantage. Employees need concise, timely information tailored to their task needs, regardless of whether they are a designer, a project manager or a senior executive.

This is especially important for High-Tech innovation and product development.

Achieve higher efficiency and zero re-spins in developing IOT-ready systems-on-chip

While the ‘smaller, faster, better, cheaper’ demands will remain a permanent challenge for semiconductor innovators, comprehensive IP management, multidiscipline design collaboration and verification will help semiconductor companies compete.

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