01 Sept 2018

”MONITOR gives us the tools needed to become world leading”


The LEAX Group is a contract manufacturer of mechanical components for commercial vehicles, mining and construction, agriculture, general industry and telecom industry. The LEAX Group has 1 200 employees in eleven companies all over the world. LEAX has used MONITOR ERP System since 1989.

How come you have been MONITOR users for such a long time?

– In the end of the 1980’s we needed a simple and user-friendly ERP system to get a better control over our business and we chose MONITOR. The simplicity and the user-friendliness of the system together with the fact that MONITOR constantly evolves with new functionality, gives us a fast and great overview of our business. The system works exceptionally which is the reason why we at LEAX have used MONITOR for so many years, says Jan Berggren, IT consultant at LEAX Quality.

How do you use MONITOR today?

– We use all the modules of the system and barely have any complementary systems since our vision is to use MONITOR to one hundred percent in all business processes. Recently, we started up a MONITOR CRM-support within our sales department where MONITOR Mobile will be an important tool in keeping the CRM database updated, Jan says.

Are there any advantages of using the same system in the whole group?

– It is very important for us as a group to be able to regularly get an overview of all parts of our business’ branches, both national and international. MONITOR makes it possible to compile and analyze our business critical data fast. We are then able to make decisions about suitable actions within the business, with help from these analyses, Jan says.

How is the treatment from Monitor’s side?

– We have always been able to turn to Monitor for support and help, regardless if we’ve needed help during new projects, establishments or general questions about the daily work. They also offer the possibility to host effective distance training sessions which we believe has many positive aspects, Jan says.

– From being just ten employees when we started using MONITOR to about 1200 coworkers in the whole group today has of course affected our way of working, but the service and support from Monitor has not changed, Jan says.

How does MONITOR affect you to manage and succeed with your business?

– MONITOR ERP system gives us an ongoing, full control of our business which of course is a must to be able to meet and exceed the demands and expectations our customers have. We want, together with Monitor, to continue to develop, improve and adapt both the system and our business to become world leading, Jan says.

”The system works exceptionally which is the reason why we at LEAX have used MONITOR for so many years.”

Jan Berggren
IT Consultant,
LEAX Quality