08 Jul 2015

”MONITOR ERP System covers all key areas of our business”

Mobile Climate Control specializes in customized HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) engineering. They provide air-conditioning control systems for a range of commercial vehicles – buses, coaches, industrial vehicles and the military sector.

The company creates custom, individually designed solutions, from single components to advanced air conditioning systems. The company implements projects and develops tailored products, delivering them in the shortest time possible.

What were your requirements regarding the introduction of an ERP system?

– The key challenge that requires a properly functioning ERP system is a complex supply chain. In our case it includes more than 250 global component suppliers from Europe, China and the United States, who supply us with more than 5,000 parts. We use these parts to create individual solutions for 200 customers, who are also spread all over the world. This creates a need for optimal planning and use of resources, says Mariusz Król, President Europe, Mobile Climate Control.

– Frequent production variability, resulting from fine-tuning solutions to the individual needs of our customers almost every time, also implies a complex risk of errors. In our case, the quality assurance process is applied at all stages of operations. All quality factors are addressed at the process building stage, so they become a part of its DNA, whether it is a manufacturing, HR, technical or customer service process, says Robert Kaleta, Quality Director Europe, Mobile Climate Control.

– The operation of a discrete manufacturing company, with a lot of retooling, includes a series of advanced processes that often are very loosely connected. It is essential to have an ERP system able to combine them all and properly support them. An ERP system is a ‘backbone’ supporting operation of the other parts of the organism. – A well-functioning ERP system is a better-functioning company, says Dawid Kozioł, IT Manager, Mobile Climate Control.

– Our previous ERP solution has not been developed for many years. It did not let us efficiently and completely supervise all stages of production, including taking advanced corrective and preventive actions that could improve quality control and complaint processing, Dawid Kozioł adds.

Why did you choose MONITOR ERP?

– Looking for the right software, we considered many factors. The appropriate ERP system should not only streamline and integrate advanced manufacturing processes and enterprise resource planning, but, more importantly, its implementation should proceed smoothly, without interfering with everyday operations. We chose MONITOR ERP system, which could meet both these needs, says Dawid Kozioł

– Monitor ERP system covers all key areas of our business, such as production, sales, purchasing, inventory and finance processes. Then there are additional applications, such as accounting management, electronic data interchange (EDI) and barcode scanning using mobile terminals (PDA)”, says Dawid Kozioł.

How did the MONITOR ERP implementation proceed?

– We managed to finalize the whole implementation within four months. An important factor was the possibility of relocating and integrating all processes without interrupting the regular operations,“ adds David Kozioł. “Before starting the actual transition to a new ERP system, not only did we accurately describe all the processes in our company, but we also reorganized so-called Master Data. This made it possible to quickly and seamlessly implement the new system. The period of migration from the old solution has been reduced to a minimum. Users very quickly mastered the new software environment. MONITOR ERP provides an excellent user experience, so the time needed for staff training could also be reduced.

What are the key benefits of the implementation?

– Since its implementation, the system runs very smoothly, not only increasing performance, but also improving transparency of all processes in our company. MONITOR ERP was implemented only a few months ago, but we already see an increase in integrations with our customers and acceleration of many tasks.

– By implementing the system, we have achieved the indented goal – we created an efficient channel for communicating with customers,” explains Mariusz Król. “Now, based on the customer feedback, we are able to plan demand in advance. The high integration level of multiple processes – production, logistics, finance, and more – supported by advanced analysis and ability to gain new insights, allows us to act dynamically and flexibly. At the same time, we are already considering new functionalities, for example, warehouse management.

An ERP system is a “backbone” supporting operation of the other parts of the organism. A well-functioning ERP system is a better-functioning company.

Mariusz Król
President Europe,
Mobile Climate Control