15 Okt 2018

“MONITOR ERP System helps us to constantly evolve”


Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a Swedish car manufacturer specialized in making extreme supercars in small series. The Koenigsegg is known as the worlds fastest supercar.

Behind the success we find teams responsible for programming, technlogy and prototypes, as well as service, aftermarket and sales. All parts of the production is done solely within the company, such as composites, cabling, saddlery, assembly, polishing and paintwork. Koenigsegg has used MONITOR since 2004.

How come you have been loyal to MONITOR for so long?

– We feel that MONITOR has filled our needs. And when new needs arise, as they often do in the automotive industry, we have had the possibility to get the system adjusted to those needs. That’s really the big reason, says Manuel Berglund, ERP Manager at Koenigsegg Automotive AB.

How does MONITOR enable you to be successful in your business?

– The entire organization has to be able to be controlled through the ERP system, if you can do that – you stay. We have never thought about changing our ERP system. We keep a good dialogue with Monitor and they listen a lot to their customers, Manuel says.

Are there any particular functions in MONITOR that stand out?

– The Recording terminal. It’s distinct and there’s a lot of information to be found there. For example, you can add messages for the operator or see the priority plan. Recording is absolutely the most important thing. If we don’t have the production in check, we don’t have control over the business. Our number of employees continues to increase fast, since our goal is to enhance production, Manuel says.

Is MONITOR a key factor for the continued development of business at Koenigsegg?

– Absolutely. The ERP system is the hub of our business. If the business changes, MONITOR has to follow. If there are new functions or processes in MONITOR we always aim to use that new functionality in our actual work flow. That’s how MONITOR helps us to constantly evolve. For us to be able to constantly become more effective, the ERP system is an extremely important tool, and it’s essential that the software is on the cutting edge, Manuel says.

We have never thought about changing our ERP system. We keep a good dialogue with Monitor and they listen a lot to their customers.”

Manuel Berglund
ERP Manager,
Koenigsegg Automotive AB