Be a 3DEXPERIENCE Admin & Developer

For Industry / On-Premise Deployment

  •  5 Days Classroom / Online Training
  • 12 months Online Learning Materials


  • Learn how to start efficiently with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • This learning path is structured and sequenced with a guided and systematic approach to enable you to effectively perform activities associated with the basic roles of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • This course is intended to teach Administrators and Architects about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform architecture, components and capabilities.
  • This course is intended to teach Administrators and Developers how to test, manage, and modify the data model via MQL (Matrix Query Language).
  • This course will also help Administrators and Developers to understand the basics of Unified Typing; using the Specialize Data Model functionality.


  • Able to describe the 3DEXPERIENCE platform architecture and its major components.
  • Create collaborative spaces and users, assign required access rights to different users.
  • Understand basic MQL commands; to modify schema; to create, modify, delete query business objects; to export and import data.
  • Describe Unified Typing concepts; create Subtypes and add attributes; create Specialization and Deployment Packages.
  • Create and maintain the 3DEXPERIENCE platform web application based on UI configurable components.
  • Configure automatic business rules (triggers, notifications) and automatic object naming.

Day 1

It’s an Industry Renaissance

Explore the Collaborative Business & Industry Innovator Role

Explore the Platform Manager Role

Day 2

Baseline Environment Essentials (R2017x)

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Architecture Essentials (R2018x)

Day 3

Data Model Development: Studio MQL (R2018x)

ENOVIA Web Application Customization Fundamentals (2015x)

Day 4

ENOVIA Web Application Customization Fundamentals (R2015x) (cont.)

Day 5

ENOVIA Web Application Customization Fundamentals (R2015x) (cont.)

Data Model Customization Essentials (R2018x)

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