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Rethink energy and materials innovation to create a
sustainable future.

Energy and Materials businesses, including power, oil & gas, mining, metals and minerals, and chemicals face many challenges. Environmental concerns and increasing public scrutiny drive rising interest in alternative solutions that disrupt traditional business models. Complexity may arise from aging infrastructure and new, technically demanding assets. Volatile prices and low productivity put profits under continuous pressure.

Energy & Materials businesses must, therefore, diversify into new ventures, increase their pace of innovation, improve organizational and infrastructure efficiencies and increase responsiveness by aligning product supply with changing priorities and demands of customers and society.


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Addressing the business challenges of the Energy & Materials Industry

Discover how to address your challenges through digitization and collaboration with an integrated approach that connects people, information, and processes across organizations, ecosystems, and value streams that span engineering, product development, construction, operations and delivery.

Revealed: the formula of competitive advantage

Open the doors to innovation and true competitive advantage

Connectivity, apps and simulation are enhancing our options. Industries that once operated in silos are now converging to provide the next-generation mobility experience.

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Trends in the Energy & Materials Industry