Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

Bridge the gap between the virtual and real world to accelerate from concept to operations.

Across the Aerospace & Defense industry, rising customer expectations (lower costs, higher standards and increase capabilities) along with growing program complexity make it more challenging to compete.

As systems become more complex to design, build and deliver, OEMs and suppliers need to accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies and move to the factory of the future to allow for greater agility on production rate. This requires a new way to conceptualize, design, manufacture, test, certify and sustain new air and space vehicles.

Airframe Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Aerospace Suppliers

Aerospace Propulsion



Addressing the business challenges of the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Prospects for Aerospace & Defense companies appear bright with the continued growth of commercial aviation and the upturn of defense spending. Leaders must transform to navigate the landscape as new players uses technology and non-traditional approaches to disrupt the mature aerospace industry.

Digitalization - The smart path to supplier
development and program success

How suppliers can accelerate their development program through digitalization?

Connectivity, apps and simulation are enhancing our options. Industries that once operated in silos are now converging to provide the next-generation mobility experience.

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Trends in the Aerospace & Defense Industry