Reliable, Fast & Low Maintenance.

In high quality production, CMM is the most used inspection device to confirm the accuracy of the part or assembly. But what if the part is too large or too heavy for your CMM? Would it not be easier to bring the CMM to the part or assembly? Introducing Metronor – a portable CMM probing device that uses laser LED & camera.

Metronor - High Quality Portable CMM Inspection Device.

Precise Measurement.

Metronor is a probing device which uses laser LED and a camera to capture the LED position. Distances from up to 10 m are possible to measure with an accuracy better than ± 0.1 mm. Compare to many traditional or advanced measurement technologies the operator does not need a perfect measurement place like a CMM room of a clear field for the single laser tracker. Through different probing devices it is possible to capture the position even in a occupied area.

Calibration for Volume Measurement.

Before the measurement can start the camera have to be calibrated with a defined carbon fiber stick. With this calibration the camera will know the volume where to measure. This can be done very fast and without precision.

Measuring via Coordinates.

One or two cameras observe now the position of the defined pattern of LED lights sources within this area. By pressing the button on the probe the system will measure the current position of the probe. The software will calculate based on this position the coordinates in the respective coordinate system.