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Cope with volatile demand

For EMS and ODM, diversifying the offering portfolio is a key to minimize business risk and improve the top line. One condition to achieve this is Business Intelligence that gives a 360° view on the performance of product portfolios and resources globally.

Master increased product complexity

The complexity of new High-Tech products is driven by localized demands and the need to configure hardware, software and content. At the same time, the cost, time-to market and time-to-volume targets remain stringent or get even higher. To secure business and operating profit, EMS and ODM can digitize their business for an earlier involvement in the design cycle and bette re-use of existing knowhow.

“With EXALEAD, information search has been reduced from an average of four minutes per search to just a few seconds.”

John Winter
Bird Technologies

Rapidly adapt Technology Innovation

Due to the accelerating frequency of new technological advances, High-Tech manufacturers are constantly challenged to improve the flexibility and performance of their global value chains. A digital strategy increases their similar parts and process intelligence which helps them reduce supply chain risk.

Adapt to GEO-specific manufacturing transformation

Digitization and automation are fueling many different manufacturing initiatives accross the globe. High-Tech manufacturers can embrace those initiative to accelerate creating global, flexible production systems serving various business needs like cost, quality, time-to-volume or IP security.

Master margin pressures

The ability to manage cost is not only securing the bottom line, but it’s a precondition for increasing market share. A global digital strategy that spans accross operations & demand planning, digital manufacturing as well as manufacturing execution can significantly drive down cost.

Discover the power of advanced demand planning

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