03 Apr 2018

“We believe MONITOR is the system that we can grow with”


Sporda Nonwoven AB manufactures thermobounding and needled nonwoven products. Nonwoven is used as wadding for furniture, isolation of houses, filter media, and felt. Sporda Nonwoven decided to replace their previous ERP system iScala with MONITOR. The go live date was January 1.

Their entire manufacturing process takes place in Bredaryd, Sweden, where Sporda has two modern production lines. Sporda Nonwoven has 17 employees. The company aims to develop further and modernize in order to retain its strong market position in Scandinavia.

– Our production is based on customer orders and this was a big challenge for us. The list of customer requests is long and consists of many different product combinations. Mostly, we manufacture unique products and thanks to the improved stock keeping and planning in MONITOR we can use the same material for several products. We needed a system that plans our purchases and production in the best possible way, says Jonas Rylander, Managing Director at Sporda Nonwoven AB.

In the beginning of year 2000 Sporda invested in an ERP system. However, the company soon had big problems with updating and was stuck in an old version. Since 2016 Sporda Nonwoven AB has Swedish owners and this also meant that it was no longer as important to use a large ERP system. So they started to look for a new solution.

Many of Sporda’s customers are in the furniture and car industry. One third of them are using MONITOR. After a thorough selection process, they finally chose to listen to their customers’ recommendations.

– Through some good references we noticed very quickly that MONITOR would suit our business well. We have many inquiries from both new and existing customers. We believe that we can grow together with MONITOR, Jonas says.

– MONITOR offers a solid foundation, and at the same time it’s modern and flexible. We will also get a great overall view of all our processes. It will make a huge difference for us, Jonas says.

The actual start-up date was January 1 and so far they have managed mostly on their own.

– We feel very comfortable and have already noticed a big difference. The biggest change though is the improved control, for example the production planning. Thanks to MONITOR we now have correct and reasonable delivery times. Previously the delivery times were based on manually registered data. The system also considers the actual situation for our company. This is something we have never experienced before, Jonas says.

When choosing a new ERP system, it was important for Sporda Nonwoven to have a modern system that could future-proof their business.

– The system has proven to be a real boost in our work and we do not regret our choice. I think MONITOR can help us in many ways. I feel very positive, Jonas concludes.

“Thanks to MONITOR we now have correct and reasonable delivery times.”

Jonas Rylander
Managing Director,
Sporda Nonwoven AB