11 Dis 2014

One of Monitors first customers in Malaysia


Prestige Dynamics Industries Sdn Bhd, also known as PDI, is a company located in Penang, Malaysia have used the MONITOR ERP system since 2013.

Prestige Dynamics Industries Sdn Bhd, also known as PDI, is a company located in Penang, Malaysia. They operate in the plastic injection moulding industry. The company is specialized in precision mould making, custom injection moulding and secondary processes. PDI aim to be a supplier with excellent performance in quality, delivery and services, and their vision is to be recognized as a in stop-service center for all precision plastic needs. They have used the MONITOR ERP system since 2013.

Hos has the MONITOR ERP system affected your work?

-Before using MONITOR, we had difficulties in controlling the input and output of the production. There fire, we had to overstock our parts to ensure that our deliveries were unaffected. Now, after we have installed MONITOR, we are able to grasp the situation of our stock precisely and we also have greater controls on the production and because of that, we do not produce too much, says Tan Ying Yi, Director at Prestige Dynamics Industries.

What advantages do the MONITOR ERP system have in comparison to other ERP systems?

– Monitor is based in Sweden but because of their great sensibility to requirements from different countries they have develop for the global market. As we are to implement GST in the beginning of 2015, they gave already started updating their ERP system to align with the GST implementation. This will benefit us greatly and we will not have to opt for another support system, Ying Yi says. MONITOR is easy to use right from the start but is also packed with advanced functions for experienced users who want to optimized their work, he adds.

Is there anything more you would like to highlight?

– Besides the aspects mentioned above, Monitor also have helpful and insightful consultants that always bring solutions to our needs and at time they also introduce us to new functions or  propose better solutions. With this kind of cooperation, Monitor shows a great interest in improving their clients’ system in regards to what they can offer, Ying Yi says in conclusion.

Mr Tan Ying Yi
Prestige Dynamics Industries Sdn Bhd