25 Jan 2019

Malaysia’s leader in plastic manufacturing think MONITOR ERP is the best choice


LH Plus Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s leader in plastic manufacturing for over 70 years, decided 2018 to start to work with Monitor ERP Asia and implement the MONITOR ERP System to help manage their production business.

Over its 70 years in business, LH Plus has proven to be a leading manufacturer of high quality, consumer safe plastic wares and products. From plastic cookware to children’s toys, storage solutions to cups and mugs.

Why did LH Plus Sdn Bhd invest in MONITOR?

– My team and I decided to work with Monitor because of three very important traits we saw in the company. First was fact that the MONITOR ERP System was developed from a foundation of manufacturers designing what they knew was needed in the industry for better managing their production business.

Second, Monitor has been building their system expertise for over 35 years in Sweden, one of the highest cost of manufacturing markets in the world. This says to me that MONITOR ERP is designed with a solid understanding to the importance of efficient operational management while keeping a focus on generating a positive Return On Investment.

Third, Monitor has developed a great track record over the past 4 years of doing business in Malaysia and have shown to be committed to growing and supporting their business in this region.

LH Plus recognises that operational efficiency and the correct management of information is key to sustaining the leadership position they enjoy in the market today.  The MONITOR ERP solution is the correct choice that will make that realisation a reality. “

Mr Callum Chan
CEO LH Plus Sdn Bhd,
Honorary President Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association