12 Mei 2015

Kang-Li Industries Sdn. Bhd. have used MONITOR ERP since 2015


Kang-Li Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a SME manufacturer located in Penang, Malaysia. The company is specialise in manufacturing fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts and rivets. They have used MONITOR ERP System since 2015.

What were the challenges before the implementation of MONITOR?
We were using accounting software and stock system before the implantation of ERP System. The stock system unable to link with material control as well as the production planning. Hence, our business and operation processes involved a lot of manual controls.

Why did you choose MONITOR ERP system?
We had knowledge about ERP System even though we never used it before. We are glad that MONITOR has showed us the solutions and benefits on the processes control. MONITOR also complies with the newly implemented GST requirements in Malaysia so it was an easy choice for us to move on from our previous system.

How has MONITOR affected your work?
In general, MONITOR has helped us on the Controlling and Tracking. We are clear with open job orders and easy to trace the production problems which lead to better stock control. Besides that, we have clearer visibility and better control when dealing with subcontractors. Last but not least, the reporting tools in MONITOR has ease us to make business decisions.

Patrick Ng
Kang-Li Industries Sdn. Bhd.