25 Mei 2015

We have used the MONITOR ERP system since year 2014


High Ace Industries Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer of electrical home appliances in Malaysia.

High Ace Industries undertake OEM projects as well as manufacture own line of products under the brand name of HIGHACE. The products meet international quality and safety standards. Currently, High Ace is promoting premium line of home appliances developed and designed by own R & D group. They have used the MONITOR ERP system since year 2014.

What were the challenges before the implementation of MONITOR?
– Our production is very complex since we inhouse cater everything from die casting, powder coating, stamping up to finished goods assembly. We have a big range of products which makes the material/production planning very important.

Why did you choose MONITOR ERP system?
– We choose MONITOR because it is a complete ERP system which offers better control of material acquisition, improves our productivity and helps the production planning to run smoothly.

How well have your employees adopted to use MONITOR?
– The system is very user friendly and our employees can operate it well which made the implementation process easy. We also plan to use MONITOR in our Indonesia subsidiary company.

Mr. Lim Aun Ghee
Managing Director,
High Ace Industries Sdn Bhd