01 Sept 2018

“MONITOR is an ERP system to rely on”


HANZA is an industrial business partner providing complete manufacturing solutions in mechanics, electronics, cable harnesses and final assembly. HANZA was founded in 2008 and has since grown into a billion SEK company with the ambition to double sales within three years. The company currently has operations in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia and China.

Why did you choose MONITOR?

– With MONITOR we get an ERP system that supports all of our processes. The major difference for us as a manufacturing company is that MONITOR works as it is with no need for major customizations, says Kristian Teiter, Group Function Manager at the IT department.

– Making implementations for several new HANZA companies around the world has shown us the benefits of not having to make big software changes, it is very profitable, he says.

How does it affect the HANZA group that you use MONITOR in all your companies?

– By using the same software, we can streamline our functions across the whole group. In addition to just using the same software in each HANZA company, we have put deliberate effort into making sure that Monitor is used in same manner in all of our companies. We have also created a central IT environment which hosts all HANZA companies’ Monitor installations which reduces the IT support overall and improves information exchange between HANZA companies, he says.

– An option which is very helpful is the web based Electronic Invoice Management, the Web-EIM. This has reduced our manual work with invoices and has allowed us to automate much of the invoice handling process within HANZA, Kristian says.

Do you feel that Monitor has given you the support you need?

– Monitor’s consultants are very professional and supportive. The people at Monitor make a real effort to understand and fulfill our needs in the best possible manner. Despite Monitor’s fast growth, the focus on customers has not diminished, he says.

How does MONITOR help you succeed as a provider of complete manufacturing solutions?

– MONITOR is an ERP system we can rely on. It is well suited and helps us at HANZA to work as one company towards our customers. Our customers see the value of what we offer, a complete manufacturing partner, and an important part in making that offer possible lies within the solid ERP system, he says.

How does MONITOR contribute in the process of further developing your business?

– The answer is once again a solid ERP system. A system which is easy to learn and use, and is developed from ground up for the manufacturing industry, is the bedrock of our business. In order to reach the sky, you need to have your feet on firm ground – and Monitor provides us with just that, Kristian says.

“In order to reach the sky, you need to have your feet on firm ground – and Monitor provides us with just that.”

Kristian Teiter
Group Function Manager – IT,