You can complement MONITOR with different options and functions. These are sold separately. All available options are found below.

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Do you have full control over interruptions in your production? Is your production as efficient as possible? Are your post-calculations reliable? MI helps you to improve your production even more within the areas mentioned above. MI integrates your machines with MONITOR. This way the worked hours, quantity, and downtime will be reported automatically. You will also have a good overview of the present situation as well as follow-ups of OEE.


There are many benefits using the Product configurator in MONITOR and it is of great use in marketing, production, and aftermarket. You can compose different variants and create different models of a product, and then calculate prices and create manufacturing orders. You can also link it to a web solution to offer your customers and retailers opportunity to configure and order products themselves on the website depending on their requirements and wishes.


The Tool register applies to everything from large machine tools to small hand tools, measuring tools, consumable tools, and different special tools. Here you find functions for the tool register/tool groups, tool depot for withdrawing and returning tools, rejection of tools, calibration, etc. You can also manage tool structures, link tools to BOM and routing, and reserve tools for manufacturing orders.


This option handles automatic runs of routine tasks. The Agent option can also be used to monitor different events.


This option is useful when a legal company is divided into several separate units. A company can be divided into different distributed warehouses, or complete operational units with their own production and complete order flow.


PDA is an option that makes it possible to run certain procedures in MONITOR from a handheld device using Windows Mobile. Examples of supported procedures: Part info, Physical inventory, Move stock balance, Unplanned stock movement, etc.


By using this option, you can easily set up a webshop and quickly start doing business. The layout is automatically adjusted to the visitor’s screen size and resolution thanks to the responsive web design. This way, the information will always be presented in the best possible way regardless of whether the visitor uses a smartphone, tablet computer, or PC.

Extended File Viewer

By using the Extended file viewer, you can link different external documents (for example drawings, agreements) to customers, suppliers, parts, and orders. These documents can later be viewed directly on the record to which they are linked. A linked drawing can for example be printed together with manufacturing orders.


This option makes it possible for you to access information about customers, quotes, orders, parts, and serial numbers. Here you can also report service orders and authorize supplier invoices. You can also see important key figures for your company. Mobile is available for iOS 5 or later and Android 2.2 or later.


EIM provides system support for managing the company’s supplier invoices electronically. The entire flow from scanning, registration, electronic authorization round, final recording, and retrieving is rationalized by using this option.


This option enables you to electronically transfer business documents between different business partners. For example, between your ERP system and the customer’s ERP system. All information exchange takes place more or less automatically.

If you want to start using an EDI solution, you should ask yourself: ”What types of business documents will we be sending and receiving, and how will they be transferred?”


Service Management has been developed for companies that perform service on their own products. It is used to plan, save and report service engagements. You can manage installation tasks and warranty commitments as well as urgent and planned machine service. The Service Management handles service engagements performed at the customer’s location or at your own facilities, and service performed by your own staff as well as partners. There is also a mobile application for service technicians in the field.

If you want to start using an EDI solution, you should ask yourself: ”What types of business documents will we be sending and receiving, and how will they be transferred?”

Extended EIM

This option is a more powerful version of the Electronic invoice management (EIM). Since Extended EIM can be managed via a web browser from any computer it possible for you to work with your invoices regardless of time and place.

Management Accounting

By using Management accounting, the stock and WIP transactions will be integrated with your accounting (update of stock and WIP account in the accounting). It contains a “controller function” which provides increased control/reconciliation of pre-calculations, such as how well they match with reality (costs in the Income Statement).

Customer Order Transfer

This option is used when a sales company receives a customer order and a production company handles the actual manufacturing/production. Customer orders that have been registered in the sales company are automatically transferred and a corresponding order is created in the production company. When a delivery is made in the production company, the corresponding delivery is automatically made in the sales company.

Fixed Assets Register

This option provides system support for managing the company’s fixed assets. Here you calculate depreciations and print different stock count lists as well as labels to mark your equipment and fixed assets with.

Exchange Rate Updater

The Exchange rate updater (ERU) is a program that loads exchange rates from a central bank and then imports these rates into MONITOR. Only rates registered in MONITOR are updated.

EIM Filing

This option is a complement to EIM and is used to export the electronic archive of supplier invoices to an external setting outside MONITOR. EIM filing can be used to release space on the server or to send the archive via external storage devices to an accountant.


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