Easy To Inspect And Reverse Engineer Complex Shape.

KREON ACE ARM is a portable 7 degree of freedom (DOF) coordinate measurement machine. When combined with KREON’s scanner, it becomes KREON ACE ARM + SCANNER. It allows user to quickly inspect and reverse engineer complex and organic shapes by using laser scanning.

KREON - Portable Coordinate Measure Machine.

Kreon – 3D Laser Scanner.

KREON 3D laser scanners work by triangulation of each sampled point of the laser line on the part between the laser source (red dot) and the camera (blue disk) of the scanner.

Laser Coordinate System.

In the coordinate system of the scanner, the laser plane (red surface) is always at the same location, as for the field of view (green trapezoid) of the sensor. Since we know, for each point of the laser plane in the field of view, their 3D location in the coordinate system of the scanner, we can compute the coordinates of each point lit by the laser line on the surface of the scanned part.

To Real World Coordinates.

Then, by knowing how the 3D laser scanner is mounted on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) such as a measurement arm or a three-axis machine, we can determine the real world coordinates of those points hit by the laser line.