Maximise Your Accuracy And Reliability.

The traditional measuring features like gap, flush, holes, chamfer and angles is done by specialized mechanical tools. The biggest drawback to these specialized contact devices is storage and maintenance cost. Find out below on how GapGun helps you in tackling measurement challenges.

GapGun - Portable Non-Contact Optical Measurement Device

Optical Measurement System.

GapGun projects a laser stripe across the surface of a part to determine the measureable feature. Equipped with an integrated camera system, it takes images of this static laser stripe to provide an accurate reading.

Algorithm To Calculate Surface Dimension.

As the angle is known between the camera and the laser projection, then an algorithm (mathematical rule) can be written to calculate the dimensions of the surface over which the laser falls and the camera sees.

Point Cloud Processing.

GapGun converts the images of the profile into a series of points which can be used to extrapolate the shape of the feature. These allow system to analyse the measured surface. As laser is a clean form of structured light, measured data is highly reliable and can be used as a stable light source for data analysis.