17 Apr 2021

One unique solution to engineer and produce fast anywhere

Can We Accelerate Your Product Development at Any Location in a Sustainable Way?

A defining factor of successful manufacturing companies are their ability to define and manufacture quality customized products tailored to customer preferences and deliver them anywhere in the world at record speed. This can be achieved by using emerging technologies to connect all enterprise communities (internal and external) on a single platform to ensure customer satisfaction.

With Single Source for Speed, companies are ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Single Source for Speed

Unified Design Experience across the Globe

As companies become more global in their thinking and their operations, they need to streamline product design by providing all project stakeholders with a consistent design experience across their global ecosystem. Engineering and production centers around the world, but also customers and suppliers, must have secure access to the same up-to-date information to socially collaborate on product development. This will ignite creativity, facilitate innovation and ensure that companies deliver the products that customers want.

With Single Source for Speed, can efficiently manage product definition across all engineering disciplines within a formal and consistent change process. BOMs are up to date to ensure accurate manufacturing and customer service. New product introduction mishaps are a thing of the past.

Ease of Use and Seamless Integration from any Discipline

From idea to market, multiple disciplines must work in concert for product launch to be a success. Enabling all project stakeholders, including subcontractors, to collaborate in a seamless and productive manner requires a robust, open and intuitive environment.

Single Source for Speed provides multiple disciplines with an accurate, unified and easy access to product and project information. With lifelike experiences based on an intuitive graphical interface Single Source for Speed enables collaboration with subcontractors or in-house CAD designers.

Fast and Robust Product Development

In an experience-centric world, companies need to hone in on each market evolution and deliver the right products to consumers fast to retain loyalty. Companies need sophisticated tools to capture requirements, manage global projects and develop products with superior productivity to turn a profit. From design to servicing, accelerating collaboration across the ecosystem, reusing existing designs on new projects, simulating product performance and virtually designing molds and tooling before physical production are all necessary to improve productivity from idea to market.

Single Source for Speed saves designers time and costs with high performance real-time project workflow, resource and risk management tools, with full traceability in a secure environment. It helps improve product quality with integrated simulation features that reduce development time while ensuring that products satisfy customer expectations. Designers can capture know-how and reuse it as best practices. They have component catalogs that ensure compliancy with corporate standards. With Single Source for Speed, companies have true product/process/resource integration for a lower total cost of ownership.

Improved Flexibility and Decision Making

Efficient collaboration with subcontractors is possible with the right data-sharing process that enables them to get the information they need while protecting companies IP. Corporate entities need real-time access to up-to-date information to make the right decisions on project and product orientation. Keeping abreast of international norms and regulations are a must as they influence product development.

Single Source for Speed provides users with the tools, on premise or on the cloud, to efficiently manage the flow of information throughout manufacturing ecosystem. It has powerful search applications to find the right information from the many heterogeneous data sources available and to aggregate this structured or unstructured information using business dashboards for improved decision-making and flexibility. Users create social communities to share ideas with their extended ecosystem for more creativity and innovation.

Key Benefit of Single Source for Speed

Improved time-to-market

Define and manufacture quality products tailored to customer preferences and deliver them anywhere in the world at record speed.

Increased efficiency and reduced cost

Optimize production efficiency and lower development costs with a single source of truth that leverages past knowledge, increases product standardization and reuse, improves quality and reduces risk.

Accurate product quality and flexibility

Ensure real-time decision-making and on-time, on-budget delivery with end-to-end monitoring and traceability of requirements and compliance throughout the product development process.

Connected collaboration and communication

Bring together every engineering discipline in a single global environment to capitalize knowledge, accelerate innovation and improve productivity.

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