17 Apr 2021

Win new, profitable opportunities, design to value, deliver on target

How Can Global Suppliers Win New Opportunities, Unify Multi-Site Projects, and Ensure Profitability?

Automotive suppliers are pursuing new global opportunities, but how do you ensure that your company can satisfy customer requirements and still deliver profitable results, on target, and aligned with your resources?

Enhance Your Bidding Process

Automotive suppliers can increase efficiency from bid to delivery through driven and controlled execution, operational excellence and digital continuity across disciplines to deliver on target. Bid to Win solutions enable suppliers to answer requests for proposals more efficiently and accurately, thus increasing suppliers’ win/loss ratio, minimizing errors and accelerating delivery on target.

This solution helps companies integrate engineering processes from proposal phase downstream through engineering, manufacturing, and all the way to delivery.

A single platform wins more business by increasing collaboration across teams and manage the time-constrained bidding process. It also enables end-to-end knowledge capture to help ensure repeatability and reusability of templates and company IP from existing projects.  Accurate, real-time costing data is available to the team. Maintain full customer requirements and decision traceability, time for proposal activities is now freed up for product innovation. Risk is reduced with higher fidelity proposals which meet specifications, and successful delivery of the program as promised.

Lean practices, such as reducing team handoffs and improving change management, lead to enhanced operational efficiency. Digital continuity from concept to manufacturing removes silos with a common team reference. Achieve early design optimization to improve quality and time to market. Manufacturers (machined components, composites, sheet metal, mold and tooling, electrical + hydraulic systems) need connected processes to reach delivery-to-contract and profit.

Improve traceability and project execution, including real-time project status, fully secure data /IP for certification authorities and OEM. The instant view of KPIs allows suppliers to govern projects while managing continuous change. Change management is simplified with tracking of documentation and modifications. Companies with driven and controlled execution meet targets by managing valuable data securely across multiple customer sand projects.

Key Benefits of Bid to Win

Accelerate profitable opportunities

Enhance bidding process – accelerate, improve profitable bid to win ratio. Expand customer base with faster innovation.

Ensure global project integrity and quality

Implement governance to integrate distributed programs for global synergies

Unify cross-discipline teams seamlessly

Synchronize and enhance multidisciplinary engineering collaboration

Learn from the past while leveraging your legacy

Optimize profitability by re-enforcing reuse and standardization

Adapt holistic systems efficiencies

Transform engineering processes with holistic system engineering development and performance.

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