26 Jul 2019

Improve Manufacturing Performance

More and more connected devices are used on the shop floor to manage your manufacturing operations. Those devices can be connected machines, tools, sensors, RFID tags, AGVs, … they are all contributing to a higher level of visibility of what is going on, to higher level of safety for the operator, to a better control of product quality and to a more detailed level of traceability. They are not only used during the manufacturing product life cycle but also during maintenance & service life cycles.

IIoT & Manufacturing Analytics are important strategies to utilize when looking to improve manufacturing performance.

IIoT & Manufacturing Analytics

Watch Morgan Zimmermann, EXALEAD CEO, improve manufacturing performance with IIoT & Manufacturing Analytics.

Improve Manufacturing Performance

Manufacturing in Action Interactive Workshops

Dassault Systèmes brings to life an interactive and live collective experience. Combining digital tools, use cases, virtual and real worlds, and strategic workshops, the end-to-end manufacturing story provides a unique immersive journey to prepare for digital transformation and facilitate change management. Experience the value in achieving Sustainable Innovation & Excellence, creating Value Networks, and empowering the Workforce of the Future.