04 Jun 2019

In view of the global trend in the industry towards digital transformation, the Government with the support of local industries have been energising the scene with powerful initiatives to accelerate nation’s digital transformation.  Some of the prominent efforts include The National Policy on Industry 4.0, also known as Industry4WRD, launched by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad in 2018 and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)’s Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF) in facilitating the shift of large and mid-tier companies.

IME is driving the thrust of digital transformation through its subsidiary, Mawea Industries’s active collaboration with manufacturers and companies in the area of Industry 4.0 across verticals.

Mawea Industries has been officially appointed as Digital Transformation Lab (DTL) in collaboration with Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in structuring Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme (DTAP) alongside with other global experts, aiming to assist home-grown companies in their journey of digital transformation to maximise productivity, remain sustainable and competitive in the global market.

DTAP is a result-driven programme that aims to enhance the competitiveness of local companies and remain sustainable in the coming years of digital disruption by increasing their productivity gain, reducing labour dependency and design new business model.

The programme is equipped with Industry 4.0 experts as the Digital Transformation Labs (DTL) for companies to leverage on their expertise in addressing pain points, developing opportunities and employing proof of concepts through the adoption of digital technologies. Undergoing the assessment with DTL is a critical pilot process as it sets out the digital adoption journey. Businesses can apply for a full scale implementation between a designated timeframe after completing the pilot phase.

Future proof your business and start your digital transformation journey now.

Future Proof Your Business