We empower businesses with innovation solution from a holistic lifecycle management approach through digital transformation solutions. We identify potential for business transformation and operation improvement and deploy industry best practices, technologies and methodologies.

Design and Engineering

Powerful experience is delivered to develop products we see and use in our everyday lives. We provide powerful and integrated specialist applications across all phases of the product development process across multiple disciplines. In the instinctive environment, we enable product modeling in real-life behaviour and design in the age-of-experience. In here, we define, imagine, and shape the connected world.

Enterprise Solutions

Collaborative enterprise solutions enable diverse industries to accelerate innovation, time-to-market, and revenue generation. The collaboration of concepts, content, and context across product lifecycles throughout value chains streamlines processes and creates cost-effective work of projects with scalable technology such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), and Supply Chain Planning & Optimisation.

Digital Manufacturing

Shopfloor digitalization transforms manufacturing, services, and logistics and forms digital continuity from ideation to final customer experience within a platform supported by a single source of truth that connects and manages all value network activities. It enables tracking of every detail across manufacturing operations; driving data-based decision making and continuous improvement to attain operational excellence and agility.

Equipment & Hardware

Software and hardware are complementary and cannot act independently of one another. In the road of digitalization and process automation, advanced equipment like 3D printers, collaborative robots, laser measurement systems, and tools play indispensable role to support and materialize the seamless idea of advanced technology.



A full suite solution – from design to production.
It is an era of transparency and collaboration. This is more than making processes transparent but more importantly empowering collaboration and informative decision making among engineers.


Minimizing the time to redesign product.
Wide range of inspection technologies focus on portable units, in-line solutions and audit places. Enabling customers to inspect their products on the spot during production.


CAD/CAM/CAE courses for commercial & education.
Our certification program act as a validation of skills and expertise against industry standards. Find out how proficient are you in PLM modules by attending our skill gap test program now.

Be the best-in-class Design & Manufacturing Solution Provider



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4 days ago
Mawea Industries

How can you accelerate your product development efficiency?

Watch this webinar to explores the challenges of digital continuity for companies using CATIA V5. With Paul Mackin, discover how teams can easily collaborate on the cloud, sharing a single source of data.

Register today: bit.ly/3OKoXvI
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6 days ago
Mawea Industries

Today’s manufacturing environment is increasingly competitive — and leaders are increasingly leveraging massive amounts of data to improve quality at every step of production.

Discover more about 3D measurement technology, and why the information it produces will help you make faster, more accurate decisions: bit.ly/3vhh8qs
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